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Section for Contemporary Culture

room 04
phone 22 55 20 884
head of section: Włodzimierz Pessel

Section for Contemporary Culture

The section comprises anthropologists and sociologists of contemporary culture. They supplement field research in various areas with theoretical and methodological reflection on philosophical, sociological and anthropological notions and categories. From this perspective contemporary culture dates back to the turn of the 1980s and 1990s, a period characterized by a series of civilizational, economic and political transformations. Unlike epochs distinguished by history of culture, contemporary culture is still open and ready to accept what is coming from the future.

Members of the Section describe contemporary culture from a Polish point of view, but situate these local phenomena in the context of broader processes, reaching far beyond national cultures. This allows them to investigate other societies and cultures, especially from the Nordic area. They utilize notions and categories from political sciences, which enables them to reflect upon different systemic solutions, which serve as means for local social critique. The research projects undertaken by members of the Section focus on phenomena lying outside main cultural trends, that often remain unrecognized and unacknowledged, at the same time questioning traditional notions and assumptions of the humanities. This diversity of interests within the Section is reflected in the teaching and academic endeavors of its members – including, among others, religious discourses, collective memory, reading practices, travel writing, new social movements, sub-cultures or urban studies.

The Section also inquires into the role of cultural anthropologists in the modern world, through critical reflection on the academic and scientific policies in Poland and in Europe, as well as monitoring careers of the Institute of Polish Culture graduates.

Anna Mikołejko, Professor
Roman Chymkowski, Assistant Professor,
Marcin Napiórkowski,
Włodzimierz Pessel, Assistant Professor (Head of Section),
Marta Zimniak-Hałajko, Assistant Professor,

Graduate students:
Łukasz Bukowiecki,
Paweł Dobrosielski,
Katarzyna Górska,
Michał Kocikowski,
Kaja Kojder,
Anna Konieczyńska,
Katarzyna Kuzko-Zwierz,
Ina Lekiewicz,
Dagmara Staga,
Agata Sutkowska,
Jacek Wajszczak,
Weronika Plińska,
Anna Zalewska,

Roch Sulima, Professor Emeritus,
Adela Kobelska, Ph.D.,
Artur Szarecki, Ph.D.,
Lech Trzcionkowski, Ph.D.,

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