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Created in 1998, Institute of Polish Culture offers studies dedicated to anthropological interpretation of culture. Studies are simultaneously concerned with theoretical aspect of culture itself – as practiced in the main compartment of subjects: anthropologies of culture, word, performance and visuality – as well as most contemporary and practical applications of knowledge gained throughout the courses.

Highlighting the Polish culture during the studies serves a cosmopolitical purpose because it is necessary to perceive culture as a result of various international relations, transcultural threads and the tension between the centre and its peripheries. Hence, culture is not something given once and for all but something continuously created by its conscious and active participants. That is why the culture animation programme has been an important part of the Institute’s studies for the challenge is not only to understand culture’s mechanisms but also to be able to critically influence it.

Every year, the Institute of Polish Culture offer general university courses held in English and variable facultative courses. For detailed course lists and descriptions visit the USOS website.

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