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Academic profile

The Institute of Polish Culture is part of the Department of Polish Studies, University of Warsaw. Faculty members, Ph.D. students, M.A. and B.A. students of the Institute of Polish Culture are engaged in comprehensive and interdisciplinary anthropological and historical research. The diverse areas of research are based on a common, anthropological understanding of culture and an interest in the communication aspects of cultural practices. We are thus especially interested in the investigation of cultural media – words, performances, images – analyzed in their different historical and technological modalities. The primary field of historical investigation is the history of Polish culture, often perceived in a comparative manner, analyzed together with other regions (e.g. Central Eastern Europe, Scandinavian countries, Jewish heritage and contemporary culture). Many research projects are realized in the framework of prestigious grant institutions – such as the National Science Center and the National Program for the Development of the Humanities, as well as international funding agencies.

The Institute consists of five sections and various research teams:

Section for Anthroplogy of the Word

Section for Film and Visual Culture
   Film Research Team
   Fashion and Design Research Team
Section for Cultural History
   Old Polish Culture Research Team
   Nineteenth Century Culture Research Team
   Holocaust Remembrance Research Team
Section for Contemporary Culture
Section for Theatre and Performance
Workshop for Urban Studies
Cultural Animation Team

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