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Section for Film and Visual Culture

room 6 (2nd floor)
phone: 0-22 55 24 504
head of section: Paulina Kwiatkowska

The Section for Film and Visual Culture

The Section for Film and Visual Culture conducts research in the field of visual culture and the image in its manifold ontological and technological forms. The members of the Section examine anthropological aspects of visual and audiovisual representations: from paintings, through photography and film, to digital images and environments. The research draws on various theoretical models, especially anthropological ones, and examines both the aesthetics and the social and historical function of representations. Some of the topics examined include: the history of Polish film, film analysis, a critique of the social and cultural functions of media, anthropological theory of the image, the role of the image and audiovisual media in Polish culture in the 19th and 20th century, and the representations of body and gender in visual culture.

The Section offers the M.A. specialization program “Visual Culture” and is home to two research teams: the Film Research Team and the Fashion and Design Research Team.

Jadwiga Bocheńska-Kołodyńska, Professor Emeritus
Jan Borowicz,
Justyna Jaworska, Assistant Professor,
Iwona Kurz, Associate Professor,
Seweryn Kuśmierczyk, Associate Professor,
Paulina Kwiatkowska, Assistant Professor (Head of Section),
Wojciech Michera, Associate Professor,
Magda Szcześniak, Ph.D.
Matylda Szewczyk, Assistant Professor,
Łukasz Zaremba,
Agata Zborowska,

Graduate students:
Krzysztof Bernaś,
Katarzyna Boratyn,
Monika Borys,
Martyna Chrześcijańska,
Magdalena Dorobińska,
Piotr Fortuna,
Jacek Kozłowski,
Dorota Mieszek,
Agnieszka Pajączkowska,
Jacek Pająk,
Klaudia Rachubińska (secretary of Section),
Małgorzata Rejmer,
Adam Repucha,
Agata Sierbińska,
Karolina Sulej,
Małgorzata Szubartowska,
Justyna Żelasko,

Film Research Team: Seweryn Kuśmierczyk (Head), Jacek Pająk, Agnieszka Korycka, Michał Mróz, Paweł Stroiński, Robert Birkholc (ILP). Co-worker: Aleksandra Paszkowska.

The work of the Team focuses on issues referring to the presence of film images in culture in historical, theoretical and aesthetic spheres: beginning with the study of auteur cinema (in Poland and abroad), through matters concerning media and artistic transformations in modern cinema, to cultural circuits of moving images from outside the realm of the arts (e.g.
medical registration). Specific research issues undertaken by the Team relate to the analysis and interpretation of a film work, status of the image in movies and in new media as well as production practices like sound in the cinema, the art of cinematography, screenplay writing and film editing.

Fashion and Design Research Team: Justyna Jaworska (Head), Anna Konieczyńska (Section for Contemporary Culture), Wojtek Moćko, Klaudia Rachubińska, Karolina Sulej, Agata Zborowska (secretary).

The Team examines fashion and design from the theoretical perspectives of anthropology, visual culture, and cultural history. Instead of concentrating on the formal and aesthetic development of design and fashion, the researchers examine the broader cultural context of the changes. The goal of the research is to situate design practices in the 20th century Polish history and search for the similarities between Polish and Central and Eastern European fashion and design.

Theory of Moving Image Research Team: Jan Borowicz, Monika Borys, Magdalena Dorobińska, Piotr Fortuna,Aleksander Kmak, Paulina Kwiatkowska (co-head of the team), Wojciech Michera, Dorota Mieszek, Michał Mróz, Klaudia Rachubińska, Marcin Stachowicz, Magdalena Staroszczyk, Matylda Szewczyk (co-head of the team), Małgorzata Szubartowska, Agata Zborowska

The team’s research interests are focused primarily on moving images: pre-cinematic ones, those filmed on a reel and different types of digital images. We are interested in the theoretical aspects of how moving images operate, in the role they play in modern culture and in how to approach them from a media studies perspective, as well as in cultural (especially scientific and artistic) practices which produce and employ them.

The research team works on a project-by-project basis. We are currently studying the body and the analysis of corporeality within the framework of moving images. Questions raised include i.e.: medicalization of the body (in cinema as well as in medical visualizations); the body in pornography and ‘the celebrity body’; how body is constructed in filmed and animated moving images; materiality of a moving image (‘the body of film’) and finally, the ideological status of the body in popular and artistic cinema.

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