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Section for Theatre and Performance

room 01
phone: 0-22 55 20 451
head of section: Wojciech Dudzik

Section for Theatre and Performance

The researchers from the section examine numerous issues, including anthropology of performance, cultural poetics of theatre, history of theatre of the 20th century and media theories of theatre and performance.

The performative character of social activity culminates in cultural performances, such as ceremonies, sport competitions, carnivals, as well as theatre and dance performances. These cultural performances reestablish the myth of a united society and legitimize its structural changes – they are essence of social life in its intensity and essence of culture as such (in its dynamic, intense form of festivity). In this context, the researchers from the Section treat theatre an important metasocial commentary, a story that every society tells about itself. The cultural poetics of theatre tries to identify and trace the connections between various forms of theatrical practice and collective experience and to investigate relations between social life and theatre.

Through the theories of theatre and performance we are trying to diagnose how culture and theatre has changed in the era of electronic media. Tracing 20th century avant-garde and contemporary theatre we investigate how new ways of communication and new technologies influence not only artistic expression, but also how the works are presented and how art is being popularized; how new media influence structure of theatre performances and complicate relations between them and other cultural performances; how modern technology influence the unquestionable (one might say) value of theatre – the direct presence of the performer and viewer and how it has has changed the status of the body in theatre.

The Section offers the M.A. specialization program “Theatre in Culture.”

Roman Taborski, Professor Emeritus
Wojciech Dudzik (Head of Section), Professor,
Leszek Kolankiewicz, Professor,
Agata Chałupnik, Assistant Professor,
Zofia Dworakowska, Ph.D.
Ewelina Godlewska-Byliniak, Assistant Professor,
Mateusz Kanabrodzki, Assistant Professor,
Agata Łuksza, Ph.D.,
Piotr Morawski, Assistant Professor,
Dorota Sajewska, Assistant Professor,
Dorota Sosnowska, Assistant Professor,

Graduate students:
Marcin Bogucki (secretary of Section),
Katarzyna Dudzińska,
Magdalena Juźwik,
Joanna Kocemba
Katarzyna Kułakowska,
Katarzyna Urbaniak,

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