Spotkanie z Andre Gunthertem

Serdecznie zapraszamy na spotkanie z Andre Gunthertem ( z l’Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS), który zajmuje się tam kulturą wizualną i jest szefem Laboratoire d’histoire visuelle contemporaine (Lhivic). Jest też między innymi założycielem pisma Etudes Photographiques ( i portalu Culture Visuelle, na którym prowadzi swój blog (

W Instytucie Kultury Polskiej odbędą się jego dwa wystąpienia (w języku angielskim):

’Guerrillero Heroico': Aesthetics of the uprising in ordinary culture
CZWARTEK, 5 czerwca, godz. 11.30, sala 9

Who is the author of the image 'Guerillero Heroico'? Rather than Alberto Korda, the tremendous success of one of the most widespread icons of the twentieth century suggests to look on the side of the reception, and in the mechanisms of appropriation or projection. The icon provides then a summary of the aesthetics of ordinary culture, where the image is used as an autonomous referent for symbolic transactions, a mirror gutted of any substance.

Conversational image: New uses of digital photography
PONIEDZIAŁEK, 2 czerwca, godz. 17.00, sala 10

Propelled by networked devices and social networks, the second digital photography revolution centers on the conversational use of images. Like the advent of film and television, this development constitutes a fundamental transformation of our visual practices. Photography was an art and a medium. We are currently witnessing its accession to the universality of a language. Absorbed into the world of networked systems by highly versatile devices, visual forms have become a powerful vehicle for private and public conversations. The role of individuals in producing and interpreting them is leading to a rapid evolution in their formats and uses. The visibility afforded by social networks is accelerating their distribution and giving rise to self-generated standards. The appropriation of the visual language is leading to a reinvention of everyday life.


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