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Małgorzata Szpakowska

Małgorzata Szpakowska

Małgorzata Szpakowska (1940) – Professor emerita, historian of Polish culture and literature, literary critic. In 1966, she began her graduate studies at the University of Warsaw. In March 1969, she was arrested and sentenced in the so-called „mountain-climber case” (a case against young Polish intellectuals collaborating with the Parisian „Kultura” journal) for three years. On July 22nd 1969, the sentence was reduced to one and a half year. She obtained her Ph.D. in 1975 in the Institute for Literary Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences, her habilitation at the University of Warsaw in 1996, and a full Professorship in 2004. Between 1970 and 1972 she worked in the National Library and afterwards in the „Dialog” journal, with which she still collaborates. She also worked as a literary director at the Jaracz Theatre in Łódź (1981–1985); an Assistant Professor at the National Theatre Academy in Warsaw (1985–1991); and then as a Professor at the Institute of Polish. At the Institute, she teaches graduate seminars on cultural anthropology and Polish 20th century culture. She is the author of numerous books, including Światopogląd Stanisława Ignacego Witkiewicza [The Worldview of Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz] (1976), O kulturze i znachorach [On Culture and Medicine-Men] (1983), Dyskusje ze Stanisławem Lemem [Discussions with Stanisław Lem] (1996, 1997), Zakorzenieni, wykorzenieni [Rooted, Unrooted] (1997), Chcieć i mieć. Samowiedza obyczajowa w Polsce czasu przemian [To Want and to Have. Polish Selfknowledge about Customs in Times of Change] (2003), Teatr i bruk [Theatre and Paving] (2006), „Wiadomości Literackie” prawie dla wszystkich [„Literary News” almost for Everyone] (2012). Member of the Holocaust Remembrance Researcher Team.


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