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Marek Prejs

Marek Prejs

Marek Prejs (1952) – Professor in the Section for Cultural History; historian of culture and Polish literature. He works on the history of Polish culture (especially the culture of the late baroque), the phenomenon of exoticism in European civilization, tradition of Orality in Old Polish writing, as well as the style categories of mannerism and Rococo in literature and art. In recent years, he has been working on the description and documentation of Polish Calvaries, formulated in the light of communication theory.

He is the author of numerous publications, including Poezja późnego baroku. Główne kierunki przemian [Poetry of the Late Baroque. Main Directions of Transformations, 1989, Individual second degree Award of the Minister of National Education in 1990]; Egzotyzm w literaturze staropolskiej. Wybrane problemy [Exoticism in Old Polish Literature. The Chosen Problems, 1999, Individual Award of Minister of National Education 2000)], Staropolskie kręgi inspiracji. Studia o literaturze [Old Polish Inspirations. Studies about Literature, 2004, Award of Warsaw University Rector 2004], Oralność i mnemonika. Późny barok w kulturze polskiej [Orality and the Mnemonics. The Late Baroque in the Polish Culture, 2009, Individual second degree Award of the Minister of Science and Higher Education 2010]. He has also edited and authored articles for edited volumes: Autor – tekst – cenzura. Prace na Kongres Slawistów w Krakowie w roku 1998 [Author – Text – Censorship. Study for the Congress of Slavonic Scholars in Cracow in 1998], Barok w Polsce i w Europie Środkowo-Wschodniej. Drogi przemian i osmozy kultur [Baroque in Poland and in Centre-Eastern Europe. Ways of Transformations and Osmoses of Cultures, 2000)] Corona scientiarum (2004), Barok polski wobec Europy. Sztuka przekładu [Polish Baroque towards Europe. The Art of the Translation, 2005], Humanistyczne modele kultury nowożytnej wobec dziedzictwa starożytnego [Humanist Models of Modern Culture and the Ancient Heritage, 2010], Mnemonika i pamięć kulturowa epok dawnych [The Mnemonics and the Cultural Memory of the Former Ages, 2013].

He led the project “Humanist Models of Modern Culture and the Ancient Heritage” (2009-2010) commissioned by the Ministry of Science within the project “Higher Education: Humanism. Ideas, trends and humanist paradigms in the Polish culture” (PBZ-MNiSW- 03 / II/ 2007); and the project “The Mnemonics and the Cultural Memory of the former ages” (2012-2014 NPRH of 11 11 003180 H).

Since 1994, he is a member of the editorial committee and the editorial staff of periodical “Baroque. History – Literature – Art.” Since 2003, he is a member of Literature Science Committee of Polish Academy of Sciences, and since 2008 – a member of the Polish Culture Studies Society, since 2014 he is a correspondent – member of Warsaw Science Society.


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