Polish Gender

We invite you to the academic seminar „Polish Gender. A Feminist Perspective 20 Years Later”, which will take place on Friday, December 18, between 11.30 am and 7.30 pm at the Institute of Polish Culture, room 5. The seminar is co-organized by Agnieszka Graff and Iwona Kurz.

A conscious consideration of feminism, understood as attitude and way of thinking, appeared in Poland after 1989. It’s difficult to pinpoint a specific date of its emergence– in the political realm it would perhaps be the conflict over the anti-abortion law in 1993, in the realm of academic reflection – the discussion on “menstrual literature,” the novels of Izabela Filipiak, Manuela Gretkowska and Olga Tokarczuk, and finally the publication of Maria Janion’s Kobiety i duch inności [Women and the Spirit of Otherness] in 1996.

It’s certainly worth asking where we find ourselves today. We – female and male gender studies scholars, feminist academics, researchers who find feminism useful in their analysis. But also we – the Polish society. What does the debate about gender differences and equality look like today? What has been accomplished and what still remains to be done? The last two years were dominated by a backlash towards feminist and equality politics, a politics waged under the slogan of “a war against gender ideology.” The “gender debate” was proof of existence of deep prejudices against feminism and gender politics, as well as a lack of understanding of its values and goals. This makes a discussion about gender and feminism, their place in Polish social life, culture, education, and academia, even more pressing.

The session will be an inauguration of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie and Nicolas Copernicus Polish Gender Society.

Seminar program: https://www.facebook.com/events/1215175411831877/.


Data publikacji: 18-11-2015

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