26 października 2015

Łukasz Zaremba

Łukasz Zaremba, Ph.D. (1983) – works in the Section for Film and Visual Culture at the Institute of Polish Culture, translator. His areas of expertise include visual culture studies, image and media theory. He’s especially interested in the issue of conflict in the visual sphere, theory of landscape, popular culture images, and the power and agency of images. He teaches the course “Theories of of visual culture”, “Anthropology of Visual Culture”, “Methodology of Visual Research”.

Between 2013 and 2015 he was the lead researcher of the project “Contemporary Aspects of Iconoclasm,” granted by the National Science Center (Preludium program). He was also a team member of the projects „Visual Culture in Poland: Language, Concepts, Meta-pictures” (NCN, OPUS program) and „Creation and Analysis of Sources in Performance Arts” (funded by the National Program for the Development of the Humanities).

He is the author of Obrazy wychodzą na ulice (2018) and co-autor of Kultura wizualna w Polsce (2017). Co-editor of the academic reader Antropologia kultury wizualnej (2012).

Co-creator and member of editorial team of the academic journal „View.Theories and Practices of Visual Culture”.

Translator of many academic books, a.o. W.J.T. Mitchell’s What do Pictures Want?, Nicholas Mirzoeff’s How to See the World, Hito Steyerl’s The Wretched of the Screen and Jonathan Crary’s Suspensions of Perception (together with Iwona Kurz). In 2012 and 2013 he was awarded the START stipend of the Foundation for Polish Science and in 2016 he was awarded Ministry of Higher Education stipend for Exceptional Young Scholars (2016-2019).


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