23 października 2015

Joanna Kocemba

Joanna Kocemba

Joanna Kocemba – Ph.D. student in the Section for Theatre and Performance. Graduate of cultural and theater studies at the University of Łódź. She collaborates with the Animation of Culture Team, Theatre Węgajty and portal For Contrast. She is interested in theater for social change, socially engaged theater, alternative and independent theater, movement of amateur theater. She has published several articles, including: Pastorale. The question of the theater and traditions („Nowy Rocznik Teatralny”, No. 1, Lodz 2011), I am Pippi, I have the courage to change the world! („Nowy Rocznik Teatralny”, No. 2, Lodz 2012), Theater is socially engaged („Nowy Rocznik Teatralny”, No. 4, Lodz 2014), Glimpse of haiku („Konferencja” No. 2, Węgajty 2014), The performance of the Polish countryside („Mała kultura współczesna”, No. 4/2015, Warsaw 2015), The relationship between aesthetic and political choice in political, metapolitical and parapolitical performances („Refleksje” No. 11, Poznan 2015).


Data publikacji: 23-10-2015

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