28 marca 2016

Magdalena Juźwik

Magdalena Juźwik

Magdalena Juźwik (1990) – a graduate of Polish philology and cultural studies at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. MA thesis Romantic Ballet in many scenes she wrote under the direction of Professor and care Elżbieta Nowicka. She graduated specialties and Performative Aesthetics of Literature and Linguistics. She is interested in dance theatre and theatre musical, with special attention to theories of classical dance and musicals in the twenty-first century. The planned dissertation will focus around the issue of Polish identity of contemporary musical.

She published, among others, in “ArtPapier”, ‘’Literature’’, a music magazine ’’Presto’’ and the anthology published by the European Association of Cultural Studies. She took part in an international conference ,,Ballet at the crossroads of cultures. Russia-Poland’’ which was organized by the State Higher School of A. Vaganova Ballet in St. Petersburg.

She participated in numerous national and international conferences. She conducted a series of lectures ,, Ballet nineteenth century’’ in Bielany Cultural Centre, took part in the project of the Institute of Music and Dance Music Criticism 2.0 at the IX Edition of the Film Music Festival in Krakow.

Other interests: in his spare time she runs and cooks. She is practicing a yoga and dance barre au sol.



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