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Piotr Kubkowski

Piotr Kubkowski

Piotr Kubkowski, Ph.D. – was trained at the University of Warsaw (Instutute of Polish Culture and Institute of History) and at the Institut National de Langues et Civilisations Orientales in Paris. He is a cultural historian of the fin-de-siècle and 20th century Polish urban culture with a special interest in gender history (masculinity studies), sports and hygiene movement, popular and body culture.

His main papers concern early masculine sports associations in Warsaw and other phenomena of 19th and 20th century popular culture. He is the author of Sprężyści. Kulturowa historia warszawskich cyklistów na przełomie XIX i XX wieku [‘The Springy. Cultural History of the Warsaw Cyclists at the Turn of the 19th and 20th Century’] (2018). He was also the coeditor of a series of books: Tętno pod tynkiem. Warszawa Mirona Białoszewskiego [‘A Pulse Beating under the Plaster. Miron Białoszewski’s Warsaw’] (2013), Ceglane ciało, gorący oddech. Warszawa Leopolda Tyrmanda [‘A Brick Body, A Hot Breath. Leopold Tyrmand’s Warsaw’] (2015), Sto metrów asfaltu. Warszawa Marka Hłaski [‘One Hundred Meters of Asphalt. Marek Hłasko’s Warsaw’] (2016) and Ułamek błękitu i chmur. Warszawa Tadeusza Konwickiego [‘A Fraction of Blue And Clouds. Tadeusz Konwicki’s Warsaw’] (2017), all four about representations of urban life practices in the poetry and prose of the authors mentioned above.

Currently, he heads a National Science Centre research project ‘The Ministry of Polishness—travel, landscapes, texts. The cultural history of the country lore movement since 1873 until the end of the 1920s.’. He was also the secretary and member of research groups, which have received grants from the National Program for the Development of Humanities: ‘Expositions of modernity. National and specialist expositions in Polish territories and the experience of modernity 1821-1929’ (2013-2016) and ‘Topo-Graphies: city, map, literature’ (2014-2017), a member of research grant group ‘Postmodern Sienkiewicz’ (IBL PAN, 2016-2018) and also a member of National Science Centre research grant group ‘Linguistic practices as cultural practices from the perspective of the anthropology of the word’ (2012-2015).

He is a board member of the ‘Katedra Kultury’ Association; a member of the Urban Studies Team (Pracownia Studiów Miejskich), and a member of the International Society for the History of Physical Education and Sport.

His Ph.D. thesis (‘“The Springy”. The Warsaw Cyclists’ Society in the perspective of the history of culture 1895-1905’) has been awarded the first prize of the National Center for Culture and a special prize by the President of Warsaw (“Dyplomy dla Warszawy”). It was also nominated for the Literary Award of the Capital City of Warsaw and received the Hanna Szwankowska Varsaviana Award (both 2019).

He held the Ministry of Science scholarship in ac. 2009/2010 and was honored with the team Rector’s Award for 2017.

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