26 października 2015

Marta Rakoczy

Marta Rakoczy

Marta Rakoczy – Assistant Professor in the Section for Anthropology of the Word. She graduated in cultural studies and philosophy. Her academic work focuses on anthropology of word, especially the issues of literacy and anthropology of literacy. Author of the book Słowo, działanie, kontekst [Word, Action, Context] (2012) devoted to Malinowski’s ethnographic conception of language, which won the University of Warsaw Rector Prize in 2012. Co-author and co-editor of several collective volumes: Od aforyzmu do zinu. Gatunki twórczości słownej [From Aphorism to Zine: Genres of Verbal Works] (2013); Communicare: Almanach antropologiczny nr 4, Twórczość słowna/literatura. Performance, tekst, hipertekst [Verbal Works/Literature. Performance, Text, Hipertext] (2014); Communicare: szkoła/pismo [School/Writing] (2015). The translator of David R. Olson’s World on Paper. Conceptual and Cognitive Implications of Writing and Reading (2010) and Roy Harris’s Rationality and the Literate Mind (2014). Editorial Boards member of the Internet journals: ‘Etnografia. Praktyki, teorie, doświadczenia, Adeptus. Pismo humanistów’. She is the recipient of the START Foundation for Polish Science scholarship (2011) and the Ministry of Higher Education scholarship (2014). She is currently working on a book about the cultural dimensions of school literacy.


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