23 października 2015

Seweryn Kuśmierczyk

Seweryn Kuśmierczyk

Seweryn Kuśmierczyk – Associate Professor at the Section for Film and Visual Culture; film critic and cultural studies expert, specialises in auteur cinema as well as the analysis and interpretation of a film work (with particular emphasis on the anthropological perspective). He conducts, inter alia, specialised classes titled Laboratory of the analysis of a feature film.

The author of the following books: Zagubieni w drodze. Film fabularny jako obraz doświadczenia wewnętrznego [Lost on the Road. Feature Film as a Picture of Internal Experience] (1999); Księga filmów Andrieja Tarkowskiego [The Book of Films by Andrei Tarkovsky] (2012); Wyprawa bohatera w polskim filmie fabularnym [The Expedition of a Protagonist in the Polish Feature Film] (2014). Translator and author of an academic study about Andrei Tarkovsky’s books The Tolstoy Complex (1989) and Sculpting in Time (1991, 2007) as well as the first on an international scale complete edition of Tarkovsky’s Diaries and Screenplays (1998). Co-editor and co-author of the books: Księga „Kadru”. O zespole filmowym Jerzego Kawalerowicza [The Book of ‘Frame’. About the Film Team of Jerzy Kawalerowicz] (2002) and Głosy wolności. 50 lat Polskiej Szkoły Filmowej. Les voix de la liberté / Voices of Freedom. 50 ans d’école polonaise de cinéma / 50 Years of Polish Film School (2007). On the basis of carried out interviews, he prepared Jerzy Wójcik’s book Labirynt światła [The Labyrinth of Light] (2006). Winner of the ‘Laterna Magica’ Award granted by the President of the Cinematography Committee.


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