23 października 2015

Agnieszka Karpowicz

Agnieszka Karpowicz

Agnieszka Karpowicz – Associate Professor at the Section for Anthropology of the Word, member of the Urban Studies Team. Author of books: Kolaż. Awangardowy gest kreacji [Collage. An Avantgarde Creative Gesture] (2007) and Proza życia. Mowa, pismo, literatura [The Prose of Life. Speech, Writing, Literature] (2012). Her research interests include anthropology of literature, history of Polish culture of the 20th century, and urban studies. She is particularly interested in (neo)avantgarde and „logovisual” practices, which she has analyzed in several publications including: Exterritorial Territoires: Exotic Islands, „Black Lands”, Autonomies, [in: The Day is Not Enoug. A Few autobiographical stories, ed. Magdalena Ujma, 2013]; Logo-visual genres. From language to the social criticism, [in: Kinds and Styles of Criticism, ed. Charles Russell, Arne Melberg et al; 2014].
She was the head of the research project „Anthropology of the Word: Media, Genres, Practices” and is currently the leader of the research project „Topo-Graphies: City, Map, Literature”, funded by the National Program for the Development of the Humanities.


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