26 lutego 2020

Agata Zborowska

Agata Zborowska

Agata Zborowska – Ph.D., Post-doc Fellow at Institute of Polish Culture, University of Warsaw. In November 2018, she defended her PhD, entitled “Życie rzeczy w powojennej Polsce (1945–1949)” (“The Life of Things in Post-War Poland”), at the Institute of Polish Culture, University of Warsaw. In 2019, she was a Post-doc Fellow at The University of Chicago, Department of Anthropology. Agata was a visiting scholar at Indiana University Bloomington (2016), at University College London (2014), and Carleton University in Ottawa (2011). Her research interests lay in the intersection of material culture, visual studies, critical theory, and cultural history. She was the recipient of individual grants PRELUDIUM (2015–2019) and ETIUDA (2017–2018) from the National Science Centre in Poland. She was a member of the research team in the Horizon 2020 project: “Re-Past – Revisiting the Past, Anticipating the Future.” Agata has published articles in numerous Polish and international academic journals, including: „Critical Studies in Fashion and Beauty”, „International Journal of Fashion Studies”, „Kultura Popularna”, „Konteksty”, „Kultura Współczesna”, „View, Theories and Practices of Visual Culture”, and „Czas Kultury”.


Data publikacji: 26-02-2020

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