Criticism as Intervention

Criticism as Intervention – conversation with Ernst van Alphen and Katarzyna Bojarska hosted by Jan Borowicz.

Criticism as Intervention. Art, Memory, Affect is a volume of essays by Ernst van Alphen, which has just been published by the Jagiellonian University Publishing House. The author, together with the editor of the volume, chose texts that best reflect and work with the idea of “criticism as intervention”. The conversation will evolve around this and other ideas of van Alphen, will touch upon his interest in Polish contemporary art and the culture of memory; the importance of affect theory for cultural research and critical work on memory for the production of effective forms of resistance and involvement in the present. The meeting will take place on November 5th, 2019 at 6.30 p.m. at the Institute of Polish Culture of the University of Warsaw, room 5.

Ernst van Alphen – scholar and writer interested in relations between modernist and postmodern literature and visual arts, avant-garde, memory, trauma and the Holocaust. He worked at the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam and at the University of California in Berkeley, now at Leiden University. He has published, among others: Caught by History: Holocaust Effects in Contemporary Art, Literature and Theory (1997), Art in Mind: The Contribution of Contemporary Images to Thought (2005), Staging the Archive: Art and Photography in Times of New Media (2014) and Failed Images: Photography and Its Counter-Practices (2018).

Katarzyna Bojarska – researcher interested in relations between art, literature, history and psychoanalysis, author, editor and translator, co-founder of View. Theories and Practices of Visual Cultureacademic journal www.pismowidok.orgAuthor of the book Wydarzenia po Wydarzeniu: Białoszewski – Richter – Spiegelman (2012), translator of among others Michael Rothberg’s Multidirectional Memory. Remembering the Holocaust at the Age of Decolonization (2016) and Susan Buck-Morss’ Hegel, Haiti and Universal History (2014).

Jan Borowicz – contemporary culture and memory scholar, psychotherapist. Author of the book Nakedness and Uniform. The Body in the Film of the Third Reich (2015), co-author of the book Traces of the Holocaust in the Imagery of Polish Culture (2017). His book Perverse Memory. Positions of a Polish Holocaust witnesswill soon be published.

A conversation in English.

During the meeting, books can be purchased.


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