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Ostatnia zmiana 25 sierpnia 2023 Współpraca naukowa Wydarzenia

Konferencja „Colonial Entanglements in Central and Eastern Europe Before 1939”

Colonial Entanglements in Central and Eastern Europe Before 1939

W dniach 4-5 września w Instytucie Kultury Polskiej odbędzie się międzynarodowa konferencja naukowa „Colonial Entanglements in Central and Eastern Europe Before 1939”.

Organizatorzy: dr Agata Łuksza, dr Łukasz Zaremba

Instytucja współorganizująca: Leibniz ScienceCampus ‘Eastern Europe – Global Area’ (EEGA)


Day 1 (4th Sept.)

Session 1A, 10:00–12:15

# Introduction by the organizers: Agata Łuksza, Łukasz Zaremba, Institute of Polish Culture, University of Warsaw
# Ben Dew, Polish Historical Writing in Britain, 1830-1918: Conceptualising Empire
# Agata Łuksza, Black Effigies in the Nineteenth-Century Polish Culture. Methodological Reflections on Racial Fantasies and Performative Blackness in the Absence of Afro-Diasporic People

Session 1B 12:30–1:45

Artist talks by:
# Weronika Szczawińska
# Witek Orski


Session 1C 3:30–5:30

# James Mark, Wilson’s White World: The Foundation of Central–Eastern European Nation-States after World War I
# Rado Ištok, Colonial Goods and Commodity Racism in Czechoslovakia 1918–1938
# Małgorzata Litwinowicz, Experience and Appropriation. Everyday Practices of Migrants from Polish Lands and State’s Propaganda in the Interwar Period.

Day 2 (5th Sept.)

Session 2A 10:00–11:45

# Introduction by the partnering institution: Lena Dallywater, Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography
# Łukasz Zaremba, Where Do the Cannibals Live? Transnational Colonial Imagination in 1930’ Poland
# Dorota Kołodziejczyk, Whose Colonies, Whose Fantasies? The Polish pre-WWII Colonial Project in the Light of Postcolonial Discourse

Session 2B 12:00–2:00

# Wacław Forajter, Deadly Whim. Race and Sovereignty in ‘Killing Time’ by Hajota
# Piotr Puchalski, The Postcolonial in Poland’s Entanglements in Africa in the Twentieth Century: A Historical Perspective
# Sofia Gavrilova, Russian Authoritarian Imaginaries. Developing New Spatial Imaginaries and Everyday Strategies through Geographical Education


Session 2C 3:30–5:30

# Zoltán Ginelli, ‘We Never Had Colonies’: Global Histories of Race and Colonialism in Hungary, 1850-1939
# Marta Grzechnik, Sea, Overseas Connections, and Aspirations of Global Status – the Case of Interwar Poland
# Dagnosław Demski, Whose Legacy is it? Tracing Ethnographic Shows in Central and Eastern Europe  

Summary and final discussion 5:30–6:00

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