Clara Nina Zgola – “Literary Explorations of the City: Parisian Identities of Contemporary French Novelists”

The project is devoted to urban-literary practices of contemporary Parisian French writers: C. Arnaud, O. Rolin, H. Bleskine, F. Cusset, B. Duteurtre, N. Bouraoui, J. Sorman, M. Sonnet, R. Robin, L. Sebbar, A. Savelli, B. Guillot,J. Truong, J. Cornuault, R. Zylberman, T. Clerc, H. Millerand, P. Le Guillou, G. Gavarry, V. Ulive-Schnel, P.Král, A.-L. Milne, J. Kahane. They are a part of the trend of interest in urban culture, and also methods of researchsituated on the crossroad of many scientific disciplines. The specifics of that form of literary creation requires totake into account the multiple relations between writing practices and the urban environment. The study highlightsboth aspects of the processes: constitution of urban culture by literature as well as the impact on peculiar forms ofnarratives on its cultural environment. To more fully analyze the mentioned literature [life-writing andautobiographical genres such as “autobiogeography”, creations out-of-genre, hybrid forms and intermediaprojects], I am using the term “urban-literary project”as an adequate concept for the number of phenomena. The research project highlights practices of writersinvolved in the avant-garde as well as counter and subculture contexts of the latest literature. It is an area not verywell known because the main interest is focused on “Paris the capital of modernity”. In this context are considered important not only the latest representations of Paris [its images or figuresin the literature of late capitalism] but also all innovative or significant ways of experiencing, practicingand experimenting the city itself. According to this thesis, literature in question is a specific laboratory of gestures.Considering that aspect I am especially interested in the technics, tactics and artistic actions, wildly understoodurban literary projects, which cover social, political, autobiographic and aesthetic dimensions, as well processes,within which certain attitudes are shaped into forms of living and writing in a contemporary city.


Data publikacji: 02-04-2019

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