26 października 2015

Xawery Stańczyk

Xawery Stańczyk

Xawery Stańczyk (1985), Ph.D. – anthropologist and sociologist of culture, works in the Section of Cultural History. Member of the Workshop for Urban Studies, member and co-founder of the Practices of Late Modernity Research Group affiliated at the Institute of Polish Culture. He holds M.A. degrees in sociology from the Institute of Applied Social Sciences, University of Warsaw, and cultural studies from the Institute of Polish Culture. His interests include history of popular culture, especially underground and marginalized cultural phenomena in Poland and Central Europe.

Author of Ph.D. thesis devoted to the alternative culture in Poland between 1978 and 1996. He published academic and journalistic articles in Kultura Współczesna, Arteon, Res Publica Nowa, op. cit., Barbarzyńca, Didaskalia, Lampa, Kultura Liberalna, Wyspa, Przekrój, Dwutygodnik, Stan Rzeczy, Studia Litteraria et Historica, Kultura Popularna, Glissando, Gazeta Wyborcza, and in numerous edited volumes. He co-edited urban studies anthology Miasto na żądanie. Aktywizm, polityki miejskie, doświadczenia [City on Demand. Activism, Urban Politics, Experience] (2013). He gave lectures and seminars during the course Muzyka i wizualność w czasach popkultury vol. 4: PRL, lata 80. XX wieku [Music and Visuality in Times of Pop Culture vol 4.: the 80's] at the Institute of Advanced Studies.

Leader of research grant Trzeci obieg – praktyki komunikacyjne kultury alternatywnej [Third circulation - Communication Practices in Alternative Culture] funded by the Polish National Science Centre (2013). In 2015, he was awarded an art scholarship from the city of Warsaw.

Member of Miasto Moje A w Nim association, in which he organizes events and edits publications about aesthetics, spatial organization and social activism. He was the editor of the urban section in the journal Res Publica Nowa from 2010 to 2012. Author of two poetry books: nominated to Nike award Skarb piratów [The Pirate Treasure] (Lampa i Iskra Boża, Warszawa 2013) and Handluj z tym [Deal it] (Lampa i Iskra Boża, Warszawa 2015).


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